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Greek prime minister survives no-confidence vote in parliament


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ATHENS — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras survived a no-confidence motion in parliament on Saturday, setting the stage for the signing of a historic accord with neighboring Macedonia to settle a long dispute over the latter’s name.

The motion brought by the opposition New Democracy party was rejected by 153 MPs, with 127 in favor. Political opponents had accused Tsipras of making too many concessions over the deal, due to be signed on Sunday.

Thousands of Greeks protested outside parliament against the accord with Macedonia, calling for Tsipras to resign. Police used stun grenades and tear gas to prevent them from entering the building.

“This is a deal I believe that every Greek prime minister would want,” Tsipras told the chamber earlier.

Had he lost, the leftist elected in 2015 would have had to relinquish his mandate to the country’s president, signaling early elections. He is already trailing center-right New Democracy in opinion polls.

Greece had been in dispute with Macedonia since 1991 over the former Yugoslav republic’s name, arguing it could imply territorial claims over the Greek province of Macedonia and an appropriation of ancient Greek culture and civilization.

The subject is a deeply emotional one for many Greeks. On Saturday, protesters outside the parliament building shouted “traitor, traitor!” as lawmakers debated inside.

“I’m just furious,” said Theologos Ambotis, 69, a monk. “Conceding on the name is conceding on territory. Macedonia and Alexander the Great is Greek history and culture, and they are just giving it away to Skopje.”

Under the terms of the accord, the country will be known as “Republic of North Macedonia” and Greece will lift its objections to the renamed nation joining the European Union and the NATO military alliance.

Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotzias and his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Dimitrov will sign the pact in the border lake region of Prespes on Sunday morning. Tsipras and Macedonian premier Zoran Zaev will also be present.

It will require ratification by both national parliaments and approval in a Macedonian referendum, which is not assured.

The president of Macedonia has said he will not endorse the pact, while in Greece, Tsipras’s right-wing coalition partners have said their lawmakers will reject it when it is brought for ratification. That is expected to occur by the end of the year.

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The Greatest Showman breaks record as Jess Glynne claims seventh chart-topper | Music | Entertainment


I’ll Be There edged out Clean Bandit’s Solo by just under 900 sales and streams, and the 28-year-old now joins Tinie Tempah and Calvin Harris in scoring the most number one tracks since 2010.

The “speechless” Grammy award-winning artist thanked her supporters and said: “I find it incredibly insane that I hold a record for the most number ones for a British female.

“It’s insane to think I’ve achieved that so early in my career. It’s not just me on all those songs – I have to thank everybody I’ve collaborated with.”

Meanwhile, data from the Official Charts Company revealed The Greatest Showman album clinched the spot for the longest-reigning chart-topping soundtrack in half a century.

Featuring songs from Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, the lauded soundtrack has claimed its 19th non-consecutive week at number one on the Official Albums Chart.

It is the first soundtrack to claim the record since The Sound Of Music 50 years ago.

Brits Critics’ Choice award winner Jorja Smith landed at number three with her debut album Lost & Found, beating The Beach Boys’ new entry with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The high-charting position means the R&B singer follows in the footsteps of previous Critics’ Choice winners, such as Sam Smith, Rag’n’Bone Man and James Bay, who all scored top three positions with their debut albums.

Smith’s Blue Light also earned her this week’s highest new entry at number 38.

Kids See Ghosts, Kanye West’s collaboration with Kid Cudi, enters at number seven on the albums chart while Lily Allen’s No Shame follows at number eight.

In the singles chart, George Ezra climbed into the top five this week with Shotgun, in at four. Cardi B claimed her second UK Top 10 with I Like It featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

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WWE news: HUGE John Cena and Nikki Bella update ahead of Money in the Bank | WWE | Sport


Nikki and Cena shocked the WWE Universe and world of showbiz when they announced the end of their engagement in April.

Rumour had it that the ex-Divas Champion broke up with The Champ because he didn’t want to be a father.

However, the two-time Divas Champion dismissed the reports and insists she pulled the plug because she had cold feet ahead of last month’s wedding.

There were rumours suggesting that the breakup was fake and was staged to boost ratings for the reality hit series Total Bellas, which depicts Nikki and her twin sister Brie Bella’s everyday life.

However, JJ denied the speculation and also claims the split did no favours for the show as everyone was as shocked as the fans were.

He told AfterBuzz TV: “Honestly, my sister asked us just not to say anything.

“Even though we do put our lives out there in the public, my sister [Nikki] is still a very private person.

“And she loves John and what they are going through they want it between them. Even with how public John is, John is super private.

“The one thing I can tell you that’s a fact is that it wasn’t for the ratings or for the show at all. It actually threw the show for a loop.”

The WWE superstars got engaged last year at WrestleMania 33 in the middle of the ring after beating The Miz and Maryse in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

Both Cena and Bella expressed their desire to rekindle their relationship and the ex-WWE Champion also claimed he he has changed his mind about having a family.

Both WWE superstars work on a part-time basis with Vince McMahon’s promotion and are not expected to appear this Sunday at Money in the Bank.

The 16-time world champion is looking to make a name for himself in Hollywood and has already participated in big blockbuster films like Trainwreck, Ferdinand and Blockers.

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Pride illuminates acceptance across the globe


A couple, draped in a rainbow-colored flag, embraces during the Baltic Pride 2018 in Riga, Latvia, on June 9.

Baltic Pride is an annual event that is rotated between the capitals of the three Baltic states and is expected this year to attract some 8,000 members of the LGBT community from all over the world.

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Millie Bobby Brown quits Twitter after anti-gay meme campaign


Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown has quit Twitter following a campaign of targeted homophobic abuse.

Anti-gay memes using the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown were shared on the social media platform along with photoshopped images of the star, who is just 14.

Her verified account @milliebbrown no longer exists
Her verified account @milliebbrown no longer exists

One tweet includes a video of a car driving into protesters and includes the caption: “Millie Bobby Brown arriving at pride”.

Another shows a picture of Brown looking out of a car window with the caption ‘Looking away from all the gay f**s xoxo’.

The British star now appears to have deactivated her verified account @milliebbrown which had nearly 2.3 million followers.

When her handle is typed into the Twitter search box, a blue page now appears with the message: “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

A second account, @Milliestopshate, set up by Brown last summer to tackle bullying is still active, as is her Instagram account which has nearly 17 million followers.

In reality, the Emmy nominated actress is a vocal anti-bullying campaigner and active supporter of LGBTQ+ rights.

Fans have jumped to her aid, calling society “messed up” and saying homophobia is “not something to joke about”.

Some have suggested the campaign, which coincides with Pride Month, was an “inside joke” within the LGBT community, based on the premise that Brown would never behave in such a homophobic way.

One of the first recipients of MTV’s gender-neutral awards last year, Brown wore a blue ampersand pin to honour the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Together movement to accept her prize.

She is also the youngest person ever to feature on TIME’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Brown will make her feature film debut next year in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

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1st Touch and Aareon UK Complete Final Stages of Merger Process Whilst Announcing Significant Plans For Growth


Following the operational merger of 1st Touch and Aareon in July 2017, Aareon UK has announced that the two companies will complete the merger process fully on the 1st of June 2018. All services and products will now be delivered by Aareon UK Ltd (www.aareon.co.uk) under the existing management and board of directors. The move is seen as an ideal platform for investment, new product announcements and significant market growth.

The 1st Touch trade mark will remain from a brand perspective, albeit the ownership of all intellectual property rights in 1st Touch software will now pass to Aareon UK. In addition, all customers will now have one unified point of contact, one call centre and one organisation to work with, making processes even more efficient & straightforward.

Geraint Griffiths

Geraint Griffiths

Both of Aareon UK’s Joint MDs were keen to highlight the benefits of the move. Commenting on the changes Nigel Rees noted, “We have taken time to integrate the two companies professionally and to the benefit of all concerned. This process has proved to be extremely successful and customers are welcoming the ability to access one completely integrated market-leading solution for social housing.”

For his part Geraint Griffiths added, “There are tremendous opportunities here and we aim to build on this platform quickly with significant investment plans, extensive recruitment and a host of new product announcements.”


Aareon (www.aareon.com)
Aareon is the leading European Software Company providing IT solutions to the Social Housing Sector. With many years of industry specific knowledge, our position as a profitable, growing and innovative organisation enables us to set the standard for business processes in the housing sector both today and into the future.

The Aareon Product Suite provides housing providers with an enterprise-wide solution.

Aareon QL Housing, Aareon QL Financials, Aareon QL CRM, Aareon QL Asset Management, Aareon QL Personnel & Payroll, Aareon 1st Touch Mobile, Aareon 360, Aareon QL Reporting Service, Aareon QL Task Centre Alerts & EDRM.

For further information on 1st Touch / Aareon please contact:
Emma Page
Aareon UK
02476 323723


Leigh Richards
The Right Image PR & Marketing Group
07758 372527

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Avengers 4: Is THIS how Iron Man will DIE to undo the Snap? | Films | Entertainment


Just how on earth are the survivors of Avengers Infinity War going defeat Thanos after that ending?

Well one new fan theory that has been up-voted on Reddit over a thousand times reckons Iron Man is the key and he’s going to have to die.

writes: “After watching Infinity War, it is subtly hinted that Tony Stark may be the key to Avengers 4.

“Doctor Strange sacrifices the Time Stone and himself and the rest of the heroes on Titan to spare Tony’s life.”

They continue: “Doctor Strange even passes an all-knowing glance to Tony. Essentially, whatever timeline Doctor Strange foretold would need Tony as a key player. But why him?

“It’s been theorised before that Stark’s arc reactor is essentially a man-made Infinity Stone. While I believe this isn’t true, it is correct in saying that Stark has developed a way to contain and stabilise a massive energy source in a container, in order to utilise said source.

“As we have seen, containers are very important in utilising the Infinity Stones.

“The Space Stone was in a Tesseract, the Mind Stone in a staff, the Reality Stone, Time Stone, Power Stone, they were all a container.”

The theorist added: “We know from Guardians of the Galaxy that a living being cannot hold a stone for long without the use of some container to conduct and channel it’s energy. This is why Stark is important, he is a living container and would be able to contain a massive energy source in his arc reactor outlet.

“Infinity War even makes a point in the park scene with Tony and Pepper to show him retaining his arc reactor even though he doesn’t really need it anymore.

“That is particularly interesting since the Russo brothers have said that scene was much longer before with a bunch of character cameos but they had to cut it down, and still they kept this piece of exposition in it.

“It’s still not clear what stone he will posses or if he will be the vessel for all the stones to undo the Snap.”

They concluded: “The Infinity Gauntlet is destroyed and can’t be reused for this, and it’s even hinted that Thanos’ arm got messed up with it. There is a reason people haven’t used the Gauntlet before, because the use of all the stones together had such a huge cost and would kill a normal living being.

“My prediction is that Tony will be the one to undo the Snap and he will be the major casualty of Avengers 4.

“This sort of makes sense though, since Stark has been trying to undo all his mistakes and continually tries to atone for them. His sacrifice would complete his arc of atonement.

“Plus, since Shuri is in the works as the best tech genius around, Stark really has no use to the team in this role any longer.”

Avengers 4 is released in UK cinemas on April 26, 2019.

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সরাসরি স্তন দেখালেন নায়লা নাঈম | Naila Nayem Latest News | Bangla Entertainment news


সরাসরি স্তন দেখালেন নায়লা নাঈম | Naila Nayem Latest News | Bangla Entertainment news স্তন ক্যান্সার প্রতির…


Special forces hero turned TV star Ant Middleton on his action man past | Life | Life & Style


Ant MiddletonChannel 4 / Ant

Ant as a young man during his 13 years of military service versus now.

Ant’s hair and neatly styled beard are jet black, his eyes piercing blue.

The former sniper’s 5ft-8in frame, with its broad shoulders and muscular arms, has been sculpted by decades of military training.

On a chart of the evolution of man, he would be the mid-point between Brian Blessed and Rylan Clark-Neal.

Having been on tours of duty in Afghanistan and served in the Special Boat Service (SBS: the naval wing of the special forces), the Royal Marines and 9 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers, Ant has achieved what is known as the “holy trinity” of the UK’s elite forces.

After 13 years of military service, he headed back to civvy street and fell into a television career that has seen him recreate the epic sea voyage based on the mutiny on the Bounty and, more recently, climbing Mount Everest.

In conversation, Ant is likeable and laughs easily, but in his new autobiography First Man In he lays bare his less than exemplary life story.

The book tells of his time in the military, but also reveals the violence that spilt over into his private life – knocking out a man who bumps into him while rushing for a train; beating unconscious a young man who shouted “nice view” as Middleton sat drinking with friends on the balcony of his flat overlooking a car park.

He also reveals how, six months after leaving the SBS, he assaulted two police officers during a night out in Chelmsford, for which he was sentenced to 26 months in prison.

Ant MiddletonChannel 4

“There’s a lot of dark stuff in there but I wanted to tell the truth,” explains the 37 year old who still lives in Essex.

“I wanted people to know that I’m human and I’m only successful because I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve been in so many dark places but I got myself out.”

Every anecdote, he says, has been carefully chosen to illustrate the “leadership lessons” laid out in each chapter, including “you don’t need to be the leader to lead” and “the war is always in your head”.

“I wanted people to know that I have hit my lowest ebb and even if I look back and cringe, I’m glad I went through what I did because I came out the other side.

I don’t live in the past,” he explains.

Ant MiddletonInstagram

Ant with Emilie and his five children.

Ant’s book opens with two of his earliest memories.

Aged five, he saw his father lying dead in his bed, having suffered a heart attack.

Then, four weeks later, he was woken by his mother with the words “Anthony, meet your new Dad”, a brutal man with a leather coat and a Rottweiler.

Their difficult relationship led Ant to leave home to join the army as soon as he turned 17.

Estranged from his mother for almost a decade now, Ant is brisk when asked how his extended family might feel about the book.

“I don’t know and I don’t care really,” he says. “I’m telling my story and if they don’t like it, tough.

“Every other message on social media says how refreshing it is to have a normal person to look up to, who has a past and still built a very successful career.

I’ve so many youngsters who want to be me – if this book can help them, that’s what it’s there to do.

If anyone wants to criticise it, that’s not my problem.”

I wanted people to know that I’m human and I’m only successful because I’ve learned the hard way… I’ve been in so many dark places but I got myself out

Ant Middleton

Clearly only the opinions of his “inner circle” – his wife Emilie, who he met in 2004 and who he credits with turning his life around, close friends and children – matter, and writing the book forced Middleton’s hand in confessing his past misdemeanours.

“When I was in prison they were still young, so we told them that I was away with the military,” he says.

“It was only recently I sat down with them and told them the truth.

“Priseïs is two years old and Bligh is only one – they’re like Irish twins – but my eldest daughter Shyla is 10 and my second son Gabriel is nine. I didn’t want them to hear it through the grapevine.

I told them, “Daddy got into a bit of trouble,” and said it wasn’t going to happen again. They both have a copy of the book and they have started reading it, but they still think I’m their hero.”

Ant also has a son from an earlier relationship, Oakley, 16, who lives in Portsmouth with his mother.

“One minute you’re dropping your teenage son off to a festival and the next you’re changing a nappy, but I love the versatility and challenge of being a father,” he says.

“The one thing I’ve always said is I don’t want them growing up without a father and they’re my inspiration to make sure I’m the best man I can be. I want them to have the father figure that I never had.”

Matthew Ollerton and Ant Middleton attend 'The Finest Hours' Gala PremiereGETTY

Matthew Ollerton and Ant Middleton attend ‘The Finest Hours’ Gala Premiere.

Did he ever worry about being killed in combat and leaving them that way?

“I was very selfish when I was in the military, a very selfish man,” he explains.

“I prioritised the job over my family and I know that now, but you don’t think that at the time. You’re so engulfed in it – the military was my life, I put everything into it.”

Only after his time in prison did he manage to put the years of anger and aggression behind him.

Ant MiddletonInstagram

The SAS: Who Dares Wins star with his wife Emilie.

“In the military, I dealt with extreme violence every day,” he recalls.

“If you were violent to me, I was going to be violent to you to ensure I came out the victor. In prison, I had a lot of time to think. I never want to leave my family again so that code-red aggression I used to get the job done, I’ve toned it right down.”

Avoiding confrontation must be tricky if he meets men hoping to prove themselves by squaring up to the toughest man on television, I suggest.

“I don’t put myself in those situations,” he laughs, leaning forward and looking me square in the eye.

“That’s the one thing I do not do any more – go out drinking in public. Until about 9pm, people are really nice and polite. Then, once you get past 10 o’clock, everyone wants to fight you.”

So has his increasing fame brought offers of other work to his door?

“I’ve been asked to do all kinds of things – Bake Off, Celebrity Big Brother, The Jump. Strictly have called – or maybe it was Dancing On Ice – but that’s not me. I don’t class myself as a celebrity.

Ant MiddletonGETTY

“People say SAS: Who Dares Wins is reality TV but I like to call it factual entertainment. I want to keep things as authentic as possible. If that means not getting as much air time, not trying to make a nice Victoria sponge on telly, that’s fine. It would be going against who I am. Besides, I’m a useless cook.”

Ant’s book First Man In (Harper Collins, £20) is out now.

See Express Bookshop on page 77 in S Magazine inside your copy of today’s Sunday Express.

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17 killed in stampede after brawl at crowded Caracas club


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CARACAS,Venezuela — Seventeen people were killed at a crowded nightclub in Venezuela’s capital Saturday after a tear gas device exploded during a brawl and triggered a desperate stampede among hundreds gathered for a graduation celebration, government officials said.

Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said the incident at the “Los Cotorros” club in the middle-class neighborhood of El Paraiso left eight minors dead and five injured. Seven people have been detained, including the individual believed to have set off the tear gas canister.

“The establishment has been ordered closed, and we are investigating in coordination with the public ministry, which is directing the criminal investigation,” he said.

Outside the club, several mismatched shoes, including a sandal with a puckered red lip decoration, lay on the sidewalk.

“All I know is my son is dead,” Nilson Guerra, 43, told local journalists.

More than 500 people were believed to be inside the club when the fight broke out. Photos shared online from previous celebrations at the club show a dark interior with wooden tables and a stage upfront where DJs shuffled songs.

A car is parked in front of “Los Cotorros” club at the neighborhood of El Paraiso, in Caracas, Venezuela on June 16, 2018. Ariana Cubillos / AP

Outside, a faded sign on the red brick building read, “We’ve opened!”

Metal bars covered the doors and windows.

Jesus Armas, an opposition councilman who lives in the neighborhood, said the Interior Ministry should explain how a civilian was able to obtain tear gas canisters that should only be utilized by state security forces. He also urged authorities to investigate whether the club had permission to hold several hundred people inside.

“That’s not a big space and that should not be authorized,” he said.

He added that other violent incidents had taken place inside the club, which is frequently used by the Ecuadorean community for parties and political events.

Police have detained the owner of the club for “not guaranteeing adequate supervision and preventing the entry of any type of weapon.” No information on the owner’s name, exact charges or current whereabouts was immediately provided.

Family members who gathered outside the hospital where many victims were taken wept and embraced one another as they tried to find out what had happened.

Julio Cesar Perdomo said his injured son told him the tear gas was launched from a bathroom and that the establishment then closed the doors.

“The kids couldn’t leave,” he said.

Officials did not comment on whether the exit had in fact been closed after the melee broke out.

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